Composing the music

Working hard on the thesis have obviously taken time from the project. However here’s an update I’m excited and happy to be able to share.

Jesper Paakjær, an audio design student at Aarhus university, will be composing the music for SOAP.

He is currently writing his thesis on how interactive sound design can improve the atmosphere in a waiting room. He both plays and composes music, and design sounds for various projects. He’s also studied and worked a lot with music for movies.

Jesper and I met at DADIU (The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment in 2015, where we worked together on three game productions. Hearing Jesper’s sound style, there was no doubt in my mind that it would fit the style that I had envisioned for SOAP. When I approached Jesper however, it was initially for the TOH project, but in the hope that he would agree to work on SOAP afterwards. Putting TOH on the shelf indefinitely, I asked him if he would mind working on SOAP instead, which he agreed to without hesitation.

Music is an area where I humbly admit defeat, but at the same time an area I’d like to prioritize and therefore also an area in which I am thankful to receive help from a professional.

I believe there are four cornerstones to a good game: script, music, writing and graphics. And they should probably each take up an equal quarter (This would for obvious reasons not apply to any kind of game).


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