May and June part 2 / 2

On dialogue We’ve added dialogue functionality. Players can now initiate a dialogue and tap through the pages, which will display the current speaker’s name in the upper left corner. An arrow will point down as long as there are more pages. Further, players can be given up to 3 choice options. The player can move a hand to pick their answer. Both answers and regular dialogue bubbles can activate a dynamic reaction script. The dialogue can also be branched.dialogueOptions.png

On bugs We fixed some bugs that emerged from the dialogue bubbles and removed camera effects from the UI.

On modeling we’ve made the 2nd iterations of trees for both worlds. We’ve also made hedges, a tree stump and a red painted bridge and finally a scarecrow for combat practice.

On visuals we’ve also added white and yellow flowers to the grass.

On coding we’ve made trees conceal themselves, if the player walks behind them.

That’s all for now! = )


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