Playing with physics and On hold

I never work on more than two projects, at a time. And as I’ve started working on my thesis, I’ve also begun working on my other project called SOAP.

That leaves Tragedy of Horatio (ToH), but as always, I will eventually return to work on it. As to why I leave this for now, it’s quite simple – I always prioritize working on the projects that I’m most enthusiastic about. That doesn’t mean I’m no longer enthusiastic about ToH.

The latest task I was working on, was playing around with 2D physics. I created three obstacles based on physics, which is about the amount I’d like, but I want to create more and pick the better of the lot. So while I take a break from the project, I will make notes for ideas that come to mind. Which is usually the case whenever I jump projects.


3rd iteration

November 2014 I made a prototype of a platform game. The game was inspired from the first Super Mario Land for Gameboy – a simple looking platformer. I added wall climbing and carrying boxes around for the player to use as a stackable column.

June 2015 I decided to make the prototype into a small game. In this 2nd iteration I decided to add action and puzzle elements to the game, in the form of health and physical puzzles. The game was supposed to be half platforming, half puzzles.

I added hearts so the player would not feel as punished when failing a jump. The timer was changed from being level dependent to last throughout the entire game – as in the original Prince of Persia, to create a sense of urgency. Coins were changed to be rare tokens, rewarding the player for reaching difficult areas. And a dialogue system was created to enable the player to inspect objects and get a closer connection with the protagonist. Lastly a simple inventory, as in the first The Legend Of Zelda, was added enabling the player to pick up items and allowing for deeper interaction.

November 2015 Mathias Klitgaard Berthelsen provided critique of the game, which led to the 3rd (and final) iteration. The action focus changed to exploration, which resulted in removing health, coins and time.

Below is a very early concept for the 2nd iteration.

Overview: The Tragedy Of Horatio

Game production started in June 2015. The game was meant to be played in the train, traveling from Copenhagen to Aalborg. During the fall of 2015 I worked on 3 game productions for DADIU, so I had precious little time to spend on my own projects. In 2015, I managed to put about 3 months of work into the game.

In the spring 2016 I will be writing my thesis, however it is my hope to publish the game at the end of August 2016, on Android, at no cost.