May and June part 1 / 2

A long time has passed, but we are finally back to blog. The last update was in April and a lot of minor things has happened.

First we’d like to invite you to follow us on Twitter at

since Twitter is our main channel.

On writing, we’ve finished a rough plot of the story and main characters. Obviously this is an area that will be iterated on a lot, however it’s nice to have the framework down.

On graphics, we’ve added a fog to the camera, to give a more voluminous feel to world. Further the bloom has been adjusted, to try and catch ‘that game feel’. The fog gave rise to some graphical issues for the code tile decay and the skybox, which we fixed later.removedFogFromBG.png

Speaking of fixes, we fixed a graphical issue with the water puddles in RW and later we also fixed an FPS issue. And on the water front, we’ve also worked on the water in VW in general.

Also we’re currently going with a non anti-aliasing look, to see if that fits the graphics style

On coding, we’ve prototyped physics for a sword practice scarecrow. In other physics news, the gravity now only works on the player, when they are not grounded – plus the player no longer floats above water tiles.

I’ll halt for now – you can read more in the next update.