April update

If we start in the more technical corner – we have fixed some bugs and set up some initial game states and made a simple event system. This will allow our game objects to invoke and subscribe to events, ie. ‘the player has initiated a dialogue’ and react accordingly.

Talking of dialogues, the 1st iteration of dialogues is ready. The player is able to activate dialogues and scroll through the speech bubbles. Dialogues are used to talk to NPCs (non-playable characters) and to investigate your surroundings. To allow the player to know when you can activate a dialogue, a speech bubble icon will appear when the player gets close. There’s three different icons so far: speech-, action- and mail icon.

To celebrate the availability of dialogues, a signpost has been put up outside of the church.

Before I mention a few areas where we are still tinkering, I believe I need to explain more about the game. The game as previously mentioned takes place in two parallel worlds. One we call the Real World (RW) and the other we call the Virtual World (VW). The player will be traveling between the two. If you look at the previous screenshots, the most obvious difference is the grass color.

We have been working on the cliffs in the VW. Jesper Paakjær has also been working on the two main BGMs (background music). We have found the overall mood for the VW and are getting closer to capture the RW mood. We have also played around with the skin shader for characters. Also, the tonemapping has been removed from the camera, in an attempt to find the exactly right expression of colors.

On a more physical level, we have modeled a train. However to allow for the train to travel between screens, we also had to create a shader that allowed us to hide and reveal the train gradually.

And last but not least – we found software to capture gameplay (and another for editing video), so now we can show actual gameplay for the first time. The video shows the train and how it moves out of a screen and the video also gives a glimps of the BGM for the RW.