Overview: SOAP

This project started as a 2D game and upgraded with various versions of RPG Maker. When I discovered Unity, I decided to start over and make it a 2.5D game. Imagine a Gameboy game screen extruded into 3D.

The game is a top down, 2.5D puzzle adventure. A colorful, rough mix of Zelda and Pokémon, except not really.


Overview: The Tragedy Of Horatio

Game production started in June 2015. The game was meant to be played in the train, traveling from Copenhagen to Aalborg. During the fall of 2015 I worked on 3 game productions for DADIU, so I had precious little time to spend on my own projects. In 2015, I managed to put about 3 months of work into the game.

In the spring 2016 I will be writing my thesis, however it is my hope to publish the game at the end of August 2016, on Android, at no cost.