Early spring update

It has been sparse with time for the project and we’ve had to find time here and there. This has naturally forced us to focus on smaller issues. Yet contrary to my expectations, it has actually amounted to quite a few mention worthy pieces.

Firstly, the textured church almost sneaked its way into the screenshots I posted last time. Instead of the church, two big mushrooms were revealed. I’m particularly happy with how the mushrooms turned out. The church still needs a few more details and a nice little cemetery on the side. Also on graphics, the edges of grassy areas have been patched with edgy grass to make for a more rounded look. And the overall look of the hay field is currently going through its 2nd iteration.

Talking of iterations, the game’s combat targeting system and player combat movement has seen the light of day, and is now in its 1st iteration. The player is currently able to cycle through targets within range and is able to circle around the target with ease.

Jesper Paakjær provided a first take on music, to try and get an initial bearing on what direction we’re going. It is still too early to share details in that regard, but I am already looking forward to do so!

And finally we can now also pause the game. Yay!